Advanced Operations in Analytics

Advanced Operations in Analytics

A set of features grouped as Advanced Operations are available for .csv format data files and saved reports. They can be accessed by selecting the Other tab.

These features include:

  • Filter

  • Add Column

  • Split Data File

Note: You can also access these features from the Data Files pane by hovering over any .csv data file and selecting ellipsis (Ellipsis icon).


Filters enable you to narrow the contents of a data file or report in order to exclude irrelevant entries or display only a specific range of data. For example, assume you have a purchases journal that covers a full year, but you only want to examine purchases made in the first quarter. Running a date-based filter that restricts the entries to the first-quarter date range will create a new data file that only contains these entries.

  1. With a .csv format data file open in Analytics, select the Other tab.

    The Other tab in an open Analytics data file

  2. Select Filter. The Filter dialog appears.

  3. Select Add filter. The New Filter dialog appears.

  4. Select Select a column to add a filter parameter.

    Select a column to run your Analytics filter on.

  5. Define the filter parameters.

  6. Select OK.

  7. Repeat the steps to add another filter, or select Run Filter to create the filtered data file.

A new copy of your data file with the filters applied is generated. It is visible in the Data Files pane as a child data file.

Add Column

The Add Column feature is used to clean up the data file, perform, add context, or create a column necessary to produce reports. The new column is created by comparing or processing data from one or several existing columns.

For example, assume you have imported a sales journal containing separate credit and debit amount columns. The Analytics layout, however, requires a single amount column. Using the Add Column operation Create Single Transaction Amount Column, you can create a copy of your data file with a new column that includes both the debit and credit entries. This column can be mapped to Analytics' Amount column for testing.

  1. With a .csv format data file open in Analytics, select the Other tab.

    The Other tab in an open Analytics data file.

  2. Select Add Column. The Add Column dialog appears.
  3. Under Select a type, select the type of data the new column will contain.

    Add a column to an Analytics to daafile if you are lacking a column needed to run tests

  4. Select the desired Operation.

  5. Select the Existing columns the new column will be based on and complete the remaining fields.

  6. Select OK.

A new copy of your data file with the added column is generated. It is visible in the Data Files pane as a child data file.

The new column is visible at the far right of the table in the new data file's Content tab. This column can now be mapped for testing purposes.

Split Data File

Split Data File derives “child” data files from a single data file. For example, assume you have a Sales journal containing data for a small number of customers; you may want to consider each customer separately. Using the Split Data File feature, you can create a separate data file for each customer.

  1. With a .csv data file open in Analytics, select the Other tab.

  2. Select Split Data File. The Split Data File dialog appears.
  3. Select a column to display its unique values. Deselect any values you do not want to include.

  4. Select OK.

The new files appear in the Data Files pane.

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