Audit System document and procedure updates

Audit System document and procedure updates

What’s New for October 2020?

The following items were updated in the Audit System October 2020 release:
  1. Updates to the ASA 540 (and ISA (NZ) 540 for NZ engagements) workpapers and all other associated workpapers.
  2. Updates to the ASRE 2410 workpapers and other associated workpapers.
Refer to the attached Content (October 2020) 1.3.pdf for the October 2020 update.

What would I do if I did not update in October 2019?

If you have not updated your engagement file to the October 2019 changes, it is recommended you review these first before proceeding with the October 2020 update.

Refer to the attached Content (October 2019).pdf for the October 2019 update.

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