Best Practice for Cloud Connector Working Papers

Best Practice for Cloud Connector Working Papers

  • Define the purpose of the Working Paper in your Smart Engagement, design the Working Paper accordingly.

  • Adopt a Working Paper design standard for your firm's engagements and formalise.

  • Ensure all roleplayers involved in the creation and usage of the Working Papers have an appropriate level of knowledge and competency.

  • Work collaboratively in designing the Working Papers, share ownership with the users, ensure the Working Papers are peer reviewed before implementation and used.

  • Use spreadsheets for Working Papers if it's the appropriate tool for the job.

  • If a Working Paper is intended to be understood and used by others, design it for that purpose.

  • Include an introduction in the Working Paper to explain its purpose.

  • Design the Working Paper for scalability and longevity.

  • Focus on the Working Papers required outputs.

  • Clearly separate and identify the 3 main components of Working Papers; inputs, workings and outputs.

  • Be consistent in the structural design of Working Papers.

  • Use formulas consistently across all Working Papers.

  • Keep the formulas simple and short.

  • Parameterise all components of a formula so that formulas are more dynamic and changes to formulas are reduced.

  • Calculate a value once and then refer back to that same value.

  • Use simple features over advanced features if they can achieve the same result.

  • Include content version control in each Working Paper.

  • Quality Control test, each and every cell in the Working Paper.

  • Build in validation and diagnostics throughout the Working Paper design process.

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