Analytics troubleshooting

Common import errors in CaseWare Cloud analytics

When you attempt to import your file, you receive a prompt that the file is invalid.

Analytics only accepts .csv files and valid Transformer .zip files. If your client data is in a file type Analytics does not currently support (such as an Excel .xls file or an IDEA .del file), please convert the data to .csv format, then reattempt the upload.
Failed to generate (50 or fewer errors)

After importing your .csv format client file, you get a Failed to generate error indicating that the file contains errors.
One error detected when performing a .csv data file import in Analytics
You can fix the individual row errors from within Analytics. For example, the row in the image below contains a text entry in a Date type column. To fix each error, select the faulty data and correct it manually.
you can fix csv import errors directly from the Analytics interface

When you've corrected all errors, select Resubmit to generate the data file.
Failed to generate (more than 50 errors)

After importing your .csv format client file, you get a Failed to generate error indicating that the file contains more than 50 unique errors and cannot be fixed from Analytics.

Select Correct Column Data Types to open a new dialog from which you can reassign your column data Types or adjust their formatting. If none of the available options fix the error, you will need to reformat the original .csv file and re-attempt the import.

Multiple debit and credit amount columns

You import a .csv format data file successfully, but it contains two or more amount columns for debits and credits, which prevents you from identifying one as the Amount column. This means that a large number of tests cannot be run.
Using the Add Column feature, it's possible to create a new copy of the data file that consolidates your amount columns into a single column, which can then be mapped.
For instructions on performing this operation, see Add Column.
Some tests unavailable for .zip format datafiles

Your .zip format client file uploads to Analytics successfully, but a number of tests appear grayed out can cannot be run.
Your datafile may have been formatted using a version of the Transformer tool that has fallen out of date. Download the latest version of the Transformer install package, repackage your data, and re-upload the data to your Analytics engagement.

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