Creating a copy of a DIY table

Copying DIY tables within a set of financials

With the update to Financials 17 a new feature has been added which allows users to copy and paste their DIY tables within the financial statements.
This new feature will enable you to create a copy of a DIY table that you have created and subsequently insert that table into a different area in the financials.

In the financial statements, navigate to the DIY table that you want to copy. A good way to tell if a table is a DIY table is by right-clicking on the table and checking if the top of the menu mentions DIY.

After finding the DIY table, right-click on the table and select the option to Copy do-it-yourself table.

Navigate to the area in the financials where you want to add a copy of the table and right-click | Paste do-it-yourself table.

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