Create New File based off Existing for purposes of Roll Forward

Create New File based off Existing for purposes of Roll Forward

When the standard year-end close and roll forward is not an option, users can create a new file based off an existing/ prior year file and opt to roll forward into a new year.

Step One: 

Within Working Papers: File > New > Based on template > Create and import data.

You will have to name new file to create it.

Step Two:

In the dialog box that opens: choose to get client data from an existing file. Click Next.


Then browse for the existing file path. Click Next.

Hit Finish to complete the new file wizard.

Step Three:

After the files have been copied across, and the loading box has finished, you will be given an option to roll forward as shown below.  

Error: Cannot Convert. Unable to determine the sync log version
If you come across the  Cannot Convert - Unable to determine the sync log version error , this is due to you not being logged onto your CaseWare Cloud.


To resolve the error follow the steps below:
  1. Open CaseWare Working Papers and select Options.
  2. Select the CaseWare Cloud tab from the dialog.
  3. Ensure Integrate with CaseWare Cloud is checked.
  4. Login to the cloud with your normal credentials.

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