How do I format Connector values in Microsoft Word

How do I format Connector values in Microsoft Word

Transform Caseware Connector values in Microsoft Word by adding custom character formatting to the cell calculation. This can be used to present numbers in a neater presentation, such as 10000 to $10,000.00.

1. Insert data by selecting the Caseware Linkage icon

2. Right click the cell and select Toggle Field Codes

3. Change \* Charformat within the cell calculation and use \# “NUMBER FORMAT” in addition to the table below.

Use Cases
Returns a number or a blank space in the absence of a number
Eg. 10000 
Syntax: #####
Returns a number 1-9 if possible, otherwise 0
Eg. 10.00
Syntax: ##.00 
Adds a dollar sign to the assigned position
Eg. $10
Syntax: $##
Returns a positive sign for any cell greater than zero
Eg. +10
Syntax: +##
Returns a negative sign for any cell less than zero (number must be negative)
Eg. -10
Syntax: -##
Adds a decimal point to the assigned position
Eg. 10.00
Syntax: ##.00
Adds a comma to the assigned position
Eg. 10,000
Syntax: ##,###
Allows multiple formatting options for positive, negative and zero numbers.
Eg. +10.00, (10.00), 0.00
Syntax: +##.00, (##.00), 0.00
Returns text in the string
Eg. 10 Dollars
Syntax: ## ‘Dollars’

Example: Adding $ and two decimal places 

Change \* Charformat to \# "$###,###.00"

3. Right click the cell, select Toggle Field Codes.

4. Select Tools > Recalculate or F9. The updated formatting will now reflect in the calculation.

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