How do I reference Statement/Note table values in paragraph cells?

How do I reference Statement/Note table values in paragraph cells?

1. From the Financials ribbon, select the Home tab and click the Show Cell Numbers in Tooltips button  

2. Navigate to the table and cell you wish to reference in the cell, and hover over the cell until the tool tip containing the table and cell id displays.

3. Navigate to the paragraph where the table value is to be referenced and position the cursor where the cell is to be inserted.

4. From the CaseView ribbon, select the Home Tab and click on the Cell button.

5. Assign a cell number to the cell (prefix with 3 letters followed by numbers).

Note: Each time a cell is created, a unique cell number must be assigned. It cannot start with C, D or F.

For example: the first cell number assigned will have the id: ABC1000000, the second one ABC1000001, etc….. (increment the last digit by one for each new cell created).

6. Assign the correct cell type to the cell, and select None for Cell Group.

If you are referencing a table cell containing a number, select Numeric as the Cell Type, and if you are referencing a cell containing text, select Alphanumeric as the Cell Type.
7. Enter the table and cell id you are wanting to reference in the cell.

8. Within the Numeric tab properties of the cell, adjust the width to variable.

9. Click OK to close the cell.

The cell will be inserted with the correct value displayed.