How do I insert a company logo in Independent Audit Report?

How do I insert a company logo in Independent Audit Report?

The CaseWare ANZ templates have been designed by default to have no company logo in the Independent Audit Report. If you need to have the client/company logo in the Independent Audit Report, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: After inserting the Independent Audit Report, click anywhere within the Independent Audit Report. A tab will appear in the financials ribbon.
Step 2: From the Financials ribbon, select context sensitive Statement setup tab | in the Properties group > Firm logo in heading.

Step 3: Double click the Insert Firm logo image in your Audit Report to launch the Picture Object 

Step 4: Click OK.
Step 5: The Logo is inserted into the header section of the Independent Audit Report. The alignment of the header could be adjusted using the Style and Formatting option.

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