How do I Review What Changes Have Been Made to my Financial Statements?

How do I Review What Changes Have Been Made to my Financial Statements?

To review changes that have been made to the financial statements in an engagement file, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the Review tools button and turn on the Review tools slider. Note: When review tools are enabled, the financial statements are not editable.

  2. The following legend will display the marker and counter next to each review tool item. Each review tool item can be toggled on and off via the tick box selection.

  3. Each of the review tool items are explained as follows:

  1. The New content review tool item marks up all new custom content that has been added to the existing engagement file.

  2. The Excluded content review tool item marks up all template content that has been excluded from the engagement file. Note the vertical red line next to the faded text section.

  3. The Text area review tool item marks up all text sections where template text has either been removed (red text), or custom text has been added (green text) to an existing template text section.

  4. The Dynamic table changes review tool item marks up all template based dynamic tables that have been edited within the engagement file. Note: Only the blue vertical line next to the table is displayed, the individual changes to the table are not highlighted.

  5. The Overwritten balances review tool item marks up all mapped dynamic tables where a mapped balance has been overwritten by data entry. The overwritten cells within the table will display with a faint grey border.
    Click on the cell to provide further detail of the change. Click the undo button to revert to the mapped balance.

  6. The Balance check review tool item marks up all dynamic tables that have a balance check applied. 
    Note: The red vertical line highlights that a balance check is applied to the table. The signifies that the balance check has failed.

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