How to Add a Reference to a Procedure within an Audit Program?

How to Add a Reference to a Procedure within an Audit Program?

A 'manual reference' and/or a 'document reference' can be added to any procedure within the Audit Program.

To add a reference to a procedure, open the Audit Program and complete the following steps:

1. Click anywhere in the row that contains the appropriate procedure
2.Display the 'Annotation' dialog by either:
  • Clicking on the Insert New Reference button (+) under the Ref column. 
  • Right clicking and selecting Insert New Reference; or
  • From the 'Audit Program' menu selecting Procedure | Insert New Reference
Document Reference:

3. Click the drop-down button for the picklist in the top section of the Annotation Window and select the document your wish to reference.

Manual Reference:

4. Click the drop-down button for the picklist in the bottom section of the Annotation Window and type in your manual reference.

Click the OK button.

Note: All document (automatic) references are hyperlinks to the actual document. Click to launch the document reference.


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