How to add or remove a Note Reference in the Financial Statements

How to add or remove a Note Reference in the Financial Statements

To add/remove a note reference in the Statement of the Financial Position:

1. Using your mouse, select anywhere within the Statement of the Financial Position.

2. From the Statements to the Financial Position tab, select Options and tick Note Reference. 

To add/remove a note reference in any table within the Notes to the Financial Statements: 

1. Using your mouse, select anywhere within the desirable table. 

2. From the Note Tools tab, select Note reference. This will add a note reference column between the description and numeric column (de-select Note reference to hide). 

3. The new column will consist of a (N#) visible on each row. 

4. To reference a note within the financials, you must first ensure that the note is already included. 

5. To add a reference, right-click the (N#).

6. Select Modify Note References from the menu, to display the 'Add/Remove Note Numbers' dialog box.

7. Tick the checkbox next to the notes you wish to reference. 

8. Click OK.

The note number appearing in place of the (N#) should be the number of the note you selected. If you click on this number it will jump down to the note.

All note references appearing as (N#) will not print out.

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