How to Connect IDEA to PowerBI?

How to Connect IDEA to PowerBI?

Use IDEA ODBC Driver to create User or System DSNs (32-bit or 64-bit) that can be used to connect other applications to your IDEA databases so that you can create visualizations and reports outside of IDEA in tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, and Excel, etc.

1. Install ODBC Drivers

  1. From the IDEA installation package, navigate to and double-click ODBCDriver_Setup.exe. The IDEA ODBC Driver installation wizard appears or downloads from Passport.

  2. If you are prompted to install prerequisite software, click Install

  3. In the Welcome screen, click Next.

  4. In the License Agreement screen, select the option to accept the terms and click Next.

  5. In the Destination Folder screen, accept or change the destination folder and then click Next.

  6. In the Ready to Install the Program screen, click Install.

  7. In the Completed screen, click Finish

2. Create a user or system DSN

  1. In Windows, access the ODBC Data Source Administrator.

The ODBC Data Source Administrator is available in 32-bit or 64-bit. Select the one that matches the bitness of the application into which you want to import the IDEA database.

  1. Click either the User DSN tab or the System DSN tab.

  2. Click Add

  3. In the Create New Data Source screen, select IDEA ODBC Driver and click Finish.

  4. In the Data source name field, enter the name you want to use for the data source. 

  5. In the Description field, enter a description for the data source. 

  6. Click the Browse button adjacent to the Data directory field.

  7. Navigate to and select the directory that contains the database to be connected to the data source. 

  8. Click OK.

You are returned to the IDEA ODBC Driver Setup dialog box. The directory and path information is displayed in the Data directory field.

The following instructions are an example of how to connect an IDEA data source in PowerBI.

3. Launch PowerBI
4. Click Get Data and then select more

5. Click Other on left and select the data source ODBC
6. From the Data source name, select the name of the source as you created in step 2 from the drop-down.
7. Connect to your DSN and select the Data Source.

You will see data loaded in PoweBI.

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