How to import a Trial balance and adjustments from an Agile audit engagement into a Cloud Financials engagement file.

How to import a Trial balance and adjustments from an Agile audit engagement into a Cloud Financials engagement file.

Cloud Financials provides the ability for users to easily import a mapped trial balance along with adjustments from an Agile audit engagement into a Cloud Financials engagement. This method cuts down the TB import time for users who need to create both an Agile audit and Cloud financials engagement by negating the need to manually re-import and remap a TB that already exists in another engagement file.  

To import a trial balance along with its adjustments from an Agile audit engagement to a Cloud Financials engagement file: 

1. In the Cloud Financials file, click on Data and select Import. From the Import methods, select Engagement file. 

2. This will bring up a listing of all engagement files within the cloud entity. If the Agile audit engagement is contained within another entity, tick the checkbox next to Search all entities. 

3. Select the Agile audit engagement file to import the TB and adjustments from and select Confirm.

The mapped Trial balance along with adjustments is imported into the Cloud Financials engagement.

Note: If you notice some accounts are being imported as unmapped when importing directly from the Agile audit engagement into the Cloud Financials engagement, it could be for the following reasons:
  1. The Agile audit engagement was created before April 2021 - The mapping structure of Agile audit was updated on April 2021 to include a more detailed mapping structure which matches the mapping structure in Cloud Financials. If the engagement file is older than April 2021, it might be missing some of the mapping numbers that are included in the Cloud Financials mapping structure and might not map all accounts to the right map numbers.
  2. The accounts in the Agile audit engagement were mapped to the top level group map number rather than the individual map number within the mapping group - While in Agile Audit, accounts can be mapped to the top level mapping group, accounts in Cloud Financials can only be mapped to the individual map numbers within a mapping group/category. If the accounts in Agile audit engagement are mapped to the top level group map number, they will come across as unmapped in the Cloud Financials engagement.

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