How to lock an Agile Audit engagement?

How to lock an Agile Audit engagement?

It is advised that once an audit has been completed, the lockdown process is performed to prevent any changes from being made.

To perform a lockdown on an Agile Audit engagement, simply click on the Engagement Setup tab in the top left corner of the screen, and select Lockdown from the dialog.

Confirm you want to proceed with the lockdown process. 

Once the lockdown has been completed, you will note that a locked icon has appeared next to the Engagement title.

From the Engagement Setup tab, you can access the Lockdown Information, which captures the date stamp and initials of the person who performed the lockdown.

How to unlock an Agile Audit engagement

If you have performed the lockdown procedure, you can temporarily unlock the engagement for the duration of the session. To unlock the engagement, go to the Engagement Setup tab and select Unlock.

You will be required to provide a reason for unlocking the engagement, which will be recorded, so it is advised that you take this into consideration when inputting it. 

Once you have provided your reason and selected Yes, the engagement will be unlocked. The Lockdown Information will also have captured your unlock activity.

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