Import from MYOB Account Right Live

Import from MYOB Account Right Live

The Cloud Import Tool doesn't have a taskbar icon, so if the application is hidden in the background, please use Alt-Tab to switch to the tool.

The CaseWare Desktop Import Tool now supports the ability to import from MYOB Account Right Live through the following steps.

1. Download the CaseWare Cloud Import Utility - Beta (.exe) from CaseWare Online Help. The information about the import is also available here.

2. Execute the Import tool and choose Other data source

3. Choose MYOB Account Right Live from the list. Click on Account Link to connect to your MYOB file

4. Select the location of your files

- Local machine: Use this option if the data files is located on your computer
- Network server: Use this option if the data files is hosted on your server. Note: you will need to make sure that the API has been installed on the server
- Cloud: Use this option if the data files is located on myob cloud

Click on Select Client to choose your file and then enter the file user name and password and click OK.

If you are importing from the Cloud you will need to go through the MYOB authentication

5. Set the financial year data to import, and whether you want to include the prior year data as well

6. Click Next and the tool will start extracting the information. Once it is completed the tool will ask you to save a zip file

7. Upload the Zip file to your CaseWare Cloud Analytics 

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