Importing data from MYOB AccountRight Live to IDEA

Importing data from MYOB AccountRight Live to IDEA

There is no direct import from MYOB and MYOB AccountRight Live to IDEA. 

The CaseWare Accounting Package import lets you import data from a wide selection of third-party accounting software directly through the Import Assistant.

To accomplish this is a two step process:

  • First the user must export the desired data from the MYOB using the Cloud Import Utility. 

  • Then use the IDEA Import Assistant to import the accounting data.

For more information on the CaseWare Cloud Import Utility, refer to the CaseWare IDEA Passport

IDEA extracts the following individual files from the CaseWare Accounting Package and imports each file as a separate IDEA database.

  • balance

  • company

  • journal

  • ledgerAccount

Step 1

Use the CaseWare Cloud Import Utility to create a CaseWare Accounting Package compressed file.

  1. If required download the Cloud Import Utility from the CaseWare IDEA Passport

  2. Click to run the downloaded file, then select Next.

  3. The Import From Other Data Source page displays. In the Import From and Version fields, specify the accounting software you’re exporting from.

4. Select Account Link

5. If connecting to AccountRight Live online: Select Cloud and Select Client  and proceed to sign into MYOB online

6. Select Company and click OK

7. Enter the User name and Password for that client if necessary. Click OK
8. Set the Fiscal Year-End
9. Select Next. The New File Wizard Complete page displays. This shows the location of a temporary file that will be used to generate the final .zip file with the imported data.
10. Select Finish to perform the conversion. After the data is generated, the Save As dialog displays.
11. Navigate to the desired location to save the .zip file and select Save.

Now launch IDEA 
  1. On the Home tab, in the Source Data group, click Import.

  2. Select CaseWare Accounting Package and click Next.

  3. Select the CaseWare Accounting Package compressed file.

    1. Click the Browse button adjacent to the Input file field.

    2. Navigate to and select the required CaseWare Accounting Package compressed file (.zip) that contains the files you want to import.

    3. Click OK.

  4. Four files are listed in the CaseWare Accounting Package dialog box. By default, all files are selected for import.

  5. To exclude files from the import, in the Select files to import list, clear the check boxes for the files you do not want to import.

  6. In the Prefix for each database field, accept the default prefix or enter a prefix to be appended to the output database names.

  7. Click OK.

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