Importing from online accounting software

Importing from online accounting software

We have begun to integrate Analytics with online accounting platforms, enabling you to upload data directly from these services without having to leave your browser or download the engagement files to your hard drive. These operations do not require the use of CaseWare Transformer. Currently, Analytics supports Xero Online; more platforms will be supported in future releases of Analytics.

Importing from Xero Online

If you use Xero Online to manage your client data, you can import these files directly into Analytics by logging into your Xero account and selecting the appropriate file. Xero imports currently only support up to one year of transaction data.

To import client data from Xero Online into Analytics:

  1. Ensure that you have the Editor role or equivalent privileges. To connect to the Xero file, ensure that you have a valid Xero account and that you've been assigned the Standard user or Auditor role on the file. For more on users and roles in Xero Online, see their help materials.

  2. In your Analytics engagement, select Add Data File | Import File From Xero.

    Select the Xero import option from the Upload New File dialog.

  3. A new browser window will open with the Xero login page. Enter your account credentials and select Login.

    Log into your Xero account

  4. Select the appropriate client from the drop-down list, then select Allow access for 30 mins.

    Grant temporary access your Xero data to perform the import

  5. Select the checkboxes next to the client files you want to import, specify a Current fiscal year end date, then select Import.

    The Xero Accounting import dialog

    Note: The Current fiscal year end date affects how the data is displayed, as well as the defaults for date-based Analytics tests. All data in the file, regardless of date, will be imported.

The client file from your Xero account is now available for use in Analytics, and is displayed in the Data Files pane.

Importing from QuickBooks Online

If you use QuickBooks Online to manage your client data, you can import these files directly into Analytics by logging into your QuickBooks account and selecting the appropriate file.

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