Introduction to CaseWare Cloud

Introduction to CaseWare Cloud

CaseWare Cloud is a web service for managing your organisation and workflows. Its' features and apps combine to provide a convenient centralised solution for management of both your firm and your engagements.

Cloud can also integrate with CaseWare Working Papers, SmartSync and CaseWare Time so that you can synchronise engagement data to Cloud for further analysis and monitoring. 

Overview of features/apps

  1. Client Portal: Share files quickly and easily. Provide clients with custom dashboards for helpful views into the engagement process.
  1. File Management: Enjoy a full document management system, with built-in archiving, retention and backup capabilities. 
  1. Time & Billing: Do all your time and billing from any web enabled device. Connect directly with the external calendar.
  1. Collaboration: Collaborate in ways not possible before, with one centralised location for all your staff, clients and other stakeholders.
  1. Engagement Management: Track and monitor every aspect of your engagement for optimised efficiency and profitability. 
  1. Permissions: Leverage built-in roles for easy rights management or create your own. 


Cloud's secure interface provides assurance that your files remain confidential and are shared only with their intended recipients- staff and contacts can only access areas in Cloud that they have been explicitly granted.

CaseWare Cloud and Amazon provide security together under the Amazon AWS Shared Responsibility Model. Amazon's AWS platform is covered by an SSAE 16 report and is PCI Level 1 certified, ISO 27001 certified, and compliant with all major security control frameworks. These security certifications are issued by authoritative international standards bodies. For more details on their security, see here:

 CaseWare Cloud has earned ISO 27001 certification for its service delivery, operations and management of the CaseWare Cloud platform. The ISO 27001 certification for CaseWare Cloud can be found here:

CaseWare Cloud has also been certified for SOC 2® Type 1. The certification was a comprehensive test of our personnel, processes, operations, and more.

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