Opening Microsoft Office documents

Opening Microsoft Office documents

When you choose to open a Microsoft Office document for the first time, you may be presented with this Option here.

Open in Office:
Selecting this option will open your document (either in Word or Excel) with a direct link connected to CaseWare Cloud. Any changes made to your Office document will then be uploaded back to CaseWare Cloud using Microsoft Office Upload Centre. This means that you and your colleagues are essentially working on 1 copy of the document that’s stored on CaseWare Cloud.
You will require Microsoft Office 2013 or newer to use the Microsoft Office Upload Centre.
After selecting Open in Office, all future documents will automatically open in this manner. You will not be prompted to choose again.

Selecting this option will download the Office document onto your local drive. The document will be saved in your web browsers download folder. Any changes made to this document is then saved locally on your computer and not shared back into the server. If you wish to share the new document as part of your engagement file, you’ll have to re-upload this document back into the engagement file.
You will continue to be prompted with this message if you choose to Download a document. To save this option as your choice, tick the Never open in Microsoft Office tickbox. All future instance of Office document will now automatically be downloaded to your local drive.

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