Optimiser 3: Directors' Report Overview

Optimiser 3: Directors' Report Overview

The Directors’ report optimiser provides automation to specific disclosures within the Directors’ report, where alternate wording is required.

To display the Directors’ report optimiser, complete the following:
  1. Open the Entity and reporting information optimiser.
  2. From the ‘Statement area selection’ dropdown list, scroll down and tick the checkbox next to Directors’ Report.

To use the Directors’ report optimiser, follow these steps:
  1. Click the Directors’ report optimiser in the optimisers section of your Documents screen.
  2. Each question in the optimiser has a default response assigned. Note: The two response options are: ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

  3. Each question in the optimiser is linked to a specific disclosure in the Directors’ report. For example: Principal activities Note: There is no ability to navigate directly from the optimiser question to the disclosure in the Directors’ report.
  4. To change a default response to an optimiser question:

    1. Unclick the default button selection

    2. Click the preferred button response. Note: A signoff with the initials of the person making the selection will appear to the right of the button.

    3. Open the financial statements and navigate to the Directors’ report to view the selection change.

  5. Repeat Steps 4a - 4c for remaining questions.

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