Silent installation guide for CaseWare Working Papers

Silent installation guide for CaseWare Working Papers

The purpose of this guide is to assist system administrators to deploy CaseWare Working Papers and its associated applications and templates silently to their end users.

This guide is written on the basis that you will be deploying the software using a batch file and the associated commands. 

This guide is broken down into 4 sections:
1. Batch file syntax
2. Template installation
3. Adding the Cloud URL or SmartSync Server address
4. Automatic registration of Working Papers

1. Batch file syntax
Below is an example of the syntax that we use to install the software and templates silently. The standard approach is to extract the components into a folder to have them organised into a logical structure.
The command line switches are only required for the installation of Working Papers, the template installation simply needs to be called by the batch file. The next section will explain how the templates install silently.

You may not need all of the components listed below, this is for illustration purposes only

"CaseWare Silent Install\Components\CaseWare\Working Papers\setup.exe"/S /v"/qb"

"CaseWare Silent Install\Components\CaseWare\Connector\connectorsetup.exe" /silent


"CaseWare Silent Install\Components\Templates\Financials\Financials.cwp"

"CaseWare Silent Install\Components\Templates\Audit\Audit.cwp"

2. Template installation
The package that contains the template installation has built in functionality to install itself silently. The options for the installation of a template is defined in a file called silentcwp.ini which is attached to this KB. All that is required to install the templates silently is that a copy of this ini file is included in the directory of each template installer that you are calling in the batch file.
The structure of the ini file is as below and details the options that are available for you define if required. As it stands, this ini will install the templates completely silently to the default location.

Silent = 1

showErrors = 1
skipUseDefault = 1

showErrors = 0
acceptEULA = "yes"

showErrors = 0
skipUseDefault = 1
cwPath = "default"
destPath = "default"
klPath = "default"
diffFolderConfirm = "ok"
overwriteConfirm = "ok"
newFolderConfirm = "ok"
newKLFolderConfirm = "ok"
autoUninstall = "yes"
autoUninstallConfirm = "ok"

showErrors = 0

showOn = "never"

3. Adding your CaseWare Cloud or local SmartSync Server address 
It is possible to add another command into the batch file after the installations have occurred that will automatically add the Cloud address or SmartSync Server address. You can achieve this by creating a reg file to write the relevant values to one of the locations below:

CaseWare Cloud:
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CaseWare International\Working Papers\2021.00\Core
"Enable" needs a value of 1
"Server" needs the URL of your Cloud without the https://

SmartSync Server:
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CaseWare International\Working Papers\2021.00\SyncServer\{f3a25fd6-bba8-4821-9bf8-b78a4c16c484}
"Host" needs the server address of the SmartSync Server

4. Automatic registration of Working Papers during installation
Site licence
For clients that use site licences for Working Papers you would have been provided with a 20 character alphanumeric string. To be able to register this string you will need to know the feature and version of the licence. For this information, please contact the customer service team on 03 9660 4688. Once you have been provided with this information you are set to make the change to enable automatic registration.

You will need to rename the Working Papers installation file (setup.exe) into a format that matches this layout
It will look something like the below:
Change the batch file to call this newly renamed file and CaseWare will handle the registration during the installation.

Network licence
For clients that use the Network Licence Server you will need to add in the server address where the Network Licence manager is installed
Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CaseWare\Working Papers\2018.00\CWLS
"Server Mode" needs a value of 1
"Server Name" is the server address of the network licence manager

Either of the above options can be achieved by creating the relevant .reg file and calling it within the batch file.
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