SMSF Audit letter and workpaper templates

SMSF Audit letter and workpaper templates

With the assistance of our SMSF Audit content provider, we have developed the following letter and work papers templates for SMSF auditors to use - all are attached at the bottom of this FAQ.

These template letters and work papers can be tailored by auditors to suit the firm and/or the engagement, as required.

Note: The CaseWare SMSF Audit template also contains an Engagement letter, a Trustees Rep Letter and the Audit Report.

Letter templates:

  • Engagement Letter
  • Trustee Representation Letter
  • Consent to Act as Trustee Letter
  • Consent to Act as Director of Corporate Trustee
For a copy of the ATO's current Audit Report template, refer here.

Template workpapers:

  • Pre-audit checklist - new fund audit
  • Pre-audit checklist - existing fund audit
  • Trustee Questionnaire
  • Analysis of threats to Independence - Examples
  • Bank Confirmation Request

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