How to update SmartSync Child Copies

Update SmartSync child copies

Update before publishing:
Our recommendation is to update the engagement file to the latest template prior to publishing to CaseWare Cloud or Local SmartSync server. 

From CaseWare Working Papers 2018 the template update no longer requires all child copy to be online. Unlike standard conflict resolution where the last modified date sets the current version, these conflicts always resolve in favour of the template changes.

1. Start your template update process

2. CaseWare Working Papers will perform a check on the child copies

3. You will be prompted with the following dialog

4. Select the appropriate settings (our recommendation is Run the update on offline copies)

5. Click OK

6. Continue with your update process

Update Options

- Wait for all copies to go online:

This option will wait until all the child copies are online before you can begin your update process. 

- Run the update on offline copies:

This option will perform the update on the online child copy and will create a pending update event for the offline child copies. When the offline child copy comes online there will be a conflict and CaseWare will automatically resolve the conflict by selecting the template changes as the current version.

- Abandon all offline copies:

This setting will abandon all offline child copy before it performs the template update.

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