Updating the Firm Settings Template

Updating the Firm Settings Template

This knowledge base will guide you on how you can apply the latest template update on your existing firm settings template.

Same year release

When Caseware releases an update to the same template, please follow these steps:

  • Go to the Firm Settings | Manage Template [Year end]

  • Choose the right year end where the template is released

  • If the template is not yet published, please click Publish Template to complete draft changes and publish the template


  • Click on Update to update the firm settings template to the latest version


  • Click on Publish Template to publish the updated template



New year update release

When Caseware releases a template for a new year, we need to migrate the firm settings
customisation from the last year template to this new template.

Please follow these steps:
  • Before we can migrate the customisations, we need to ensure the last year template is finalised. To do this, please follow the steps above

  • Go to the new year template release

  • Click on Migrate Customizations from Previous Template to migrate your customisations from the last year template


  • Click on Publish Template to publish the updated template


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