What is CaseWare Connector

What is CaseWare Connector

Connector is an add-in for Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Excel® that enables you to link data between Working Papers and Microsoft documents.

The Connector Add-in appears as its own toolbar in Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Excel®. Using Connector's Linkage dialog, you can easily retrieve a variety of Working Papers data. You can create generic documents that can be copied over multiple client files for financial statements, lead sheet schedules, and other custom documents. Additionally, you can create references that open to specific parts of your Working Papers file, such as line items on adjusting entries, reports, and automatic documents.

Working Papers

Connector enables you to link information such as engagement properties, balances, and adjusting entries from your client file. Using Connectorfunctions, you can create links that access the Working Papers database. You can also use the Linkage dialog to generate appropriate links for your document.

Linkage protocols

Linkage protocols determine how Connector establishes the connection to Working Papers. Generally, Word documents use the Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) protocol and Excel documents use the User Defined Function (UDF) protocol. Both linkage protocols are supported with Connector to provide the best coverage and functionality available with Microsoft add-ins.


Connector automatically attempts to establish a connection to the Working Papers database. However, there are certain factors that must be taken into account when using Connector. These factors are dependent on the linkage protocol in use, where the document is saved relative to the Working Papers client file, and which client file is currently open in Working Papers.

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