What is meant by "end of engagement" queries in Agile Audit?

What is meant by "end of engagement" queries in Agile Audit?

Queries in Agile Audit provide an efficient way to communicate deliverables and other information with our key contacts. However, towards the end of the audit you may wish to share a range of completion documents, e.g. Management Letters, Audit Reports and other findings discovered during the course of the audit.

We have introduced a new end of engagement query (4-650Q) that will assist you in sending all key workpapers to your client once they have been finalised.

How do I decide if I want to use the “end of engagement” queries?

The “end of engagement” query document is activated by the OPT Optimiser.

  1. In the OPT checklist, select Yes to question 1, Request for information (RFI). This will display two additional questions.

  2. For question 3, Requests and Deliverables, select Yes. This will list the following workpapers:

    • 1-130Q Engagement Letter Query; and

    • 4-650Q End of engagement deliverables - Query.

Answering Yes to question 3 will also display the Next step guidance in the associated documents.


  1. The 4-650Q End of engagement deliverables - Query contains the following deliverables that will automatically PDF when the query is sent to the client:

    • 4-600 Written Representation

    • 4-520 Audit Report

    • 4-605 Management Letter

    • 4-606 Governance Letter

    • 4-200 Summary of Misstatements


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