What is SQM?

What is SQM?

SQM is an Efficient Quality Management System.

Whether you are a small accounting firm or a global audit leader, SQM provides an efficient solution to design, operate, monitor and evaluate your system of quality management.
Responsible parties are empowered to target efforts to areas of highest risk, increasing the reach of their efforts and improving quality within the firm.

Powered by Caseware Cloud, SQM is always available from any location, on any device, at any time. The app is licensed on a per user basis, which means you can buy what you need, when you need it and top-up at any time.

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    • SQM Overview

      Easily design, implement and operate your system of quality management, providing you with reasonable assurance that the firm and its staff have fulfilled their responsibilities in terms of ASQM1 standards.‎
    • This page is restricted for SQM users. Please contact the Caseware Cloud Administrator for access.

      Staff members may experience the following error when accessing SQM: This error occurs when staff members have not been assigned the appropriate advanced SQM role on a staff or group level. Staff members who need to work on SQM, view risks and raise ...
    • Enabling SQM for Staff

      After SQM has been enabled on your firm’s CaseWare Cloud site, a Cloud administrator will need to assign the app to the relevant staff to access and use.  This is done one of two ways, as set out in the instructions below.  NOTE: Both options below ...
    • SQM How to - Operate Overview - Task responses

      Operate Overview - Task Responses The following describes the functionality and features included in SQM. Objective The objective of this page in SQM is to provide the individuals with the ultimate and operational responsibility for the firm’s system ...
    • Roles in SQM

      Before using SQM, users must have the following prerequisites: Users should be set up as a staff member in Cloud and be able to login. Users should be assigned an SQM license. There are four levels of permissions in SQM that can be assigned to staff: ...