What is the CaseWare User List

What is the CaseWare User List

The CaseWare User List will display all users who are currently in the CaseWare engagement file. As users open and close the engagement file, the user list will automatically refresh to add / remove users as necessary. 

Note: The Status bar also indicates how many other users are in the file, as well as the document they are accessing.


If any user has a CaseView document open, this information will also be displayed. The CaseView refresh rate is by default every 10 seconds, so it may take some time before you see the document appear / disappear from the list as it is opened / closed.
Double-clicking on a user will expand to display the list of documents that user has opened. 
Note: It can be useful to know which other users are in the file because the following features require exclusive access to the file:
Consolidation (both consolidated and external files)
Year-end Close
Copy Template
Repair File
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