Why is my Trial balance balancing in Excel but not in CaseWare

Why is my Trial balance balancing in Excel but not in CaseWare

If your trial balance in Microsoft Excel is balancing well, but not in CaseWare it is likely that there are existing duplicated account numbers within your Excel Spreadsheet.
CaseWare Working Papers will only allow unique account numbers to be imported across. If a trial balance has any duplicated account numbers, CaseWare will ignore one of them upon importing, hence leaving it imbalanced.

To fix the problem:
Find out what the CaseWare Working Trial Balance is out of balance by. This number will be used to help find the duplicate account number.
1. Open the Microsoft Excel file (or ASCII Text file) which contains your client’s trial balance.

2. Using the out-of-balance amount from CaseWare, locate the duplicate account.

3. Renumber the duplicate account and make a note for next year in case the same thing re-occurs.

4. If there are a significant number of duplicate accounts, or you are unable to change them. You can go with the option of accumulating balances, this will add the instances of transaction in the account together.

Note: You can either re-import the trial balance or manually add the re-numbered account in the CaseWare Trial Balance screen.