Working Remotely With CaseWare Working Papers and Audit System

Working Remotely With CaseWare Working Papers and Audit System

CaseWare Cloud has been designed to support remote users, where users from the office and outside the office can collaborate effectively. If you are currently using CaseWare Cloud, then you are set to work remotely. What you will need to organise is whether you are using the same computer or you have been given a new computer. If you are currently not using CaseWare Cloud, we have included some guidance below to help you with working remotely.


Will you be working from home on a different machine? Do you need to transfer your licence?

You will need to revoke the existing licence on your workplace machine in order to free up a licence. If you are unable to get to the office, the Customer Service team will be able to assist you to move these licences around if needed.

We advise you to bring your remote machine into the office or get your IT to share the software and template package with you, so that you may install them on your remote machine. If you are unable to get a copy of the latest software from your IT team, the Customer Service team will be able to provide you with the relevant download information to get you up and running.

To register your remote machine with the licence freed up from the revoke process mentioned above, simply use your firm’s authorisation code and register automatically over the internet.

I am an Audit System customer but do not have SmartSync/ Cloud? How will I work on engagements remotely?

Remote access to the correct office network drive is required. This is something that your IT team will need to organise for you and instruct you on how to access. Files that are actively being worked on should remain uncompressed for the duration of the job.

To effectively work in CaseWare Working Papers, you will need to implement the “sign out the file / check out components” method of accessing files. If you are working in a team, it is extremely important to be disciplined about accessing only the components or files you are working on, as you will basically be ‘locking out access’ to anyone else to use these files.

I am currently using terminal server/remote desktop/citrix to access my engagement, what can I do?

As you are already operating in an environment that supports remote access, there should be minimal change required to your setup. Your IT team will be able to give you the necessary information to access your work environment from home. You may experience a performance drop when accessing the network remotely.

I am an Audit system customer with an internally hosted SmartSync server, how can I connect the SmartSync server remotely?.

You will need to work with your IT team to ensure that you can connect to your SmartSync server remotely via VPN connection to the office network. If this is not possible, the IT team can expose the SmartSync server via a public IP address. To ensure better performance, a public address is recommended, this can be secured with a username and password.

We can’t remotely connect to the office server. What do we do instead?

If the above options for connecting remotely to your SmartSync Server are not available then you can take the approach detailed below:
  1. Download engagements you will be working on while you are connected to the server in the office, then;
  2. Work offline on these files from home. 
  3. When you are back in the office and connected to your office server, your files will be updated.

NOTE: Effective communication and clear delegation between team members is needed to ensure no doubling up or conflicts of work. Their work will then be synced when the engagements are online again.

PROS: You can work at your own pace, which shouldn’t be impacted by any connectivity (slow internet connection) or server capacity issues.
CONS: Files will be updated only when people can connect to the server when they are back in the office (or connect at designated time frames like the end of the day). If multiple people update the same file, there may be multiple conflicts that need to be resolved.

What is the minimum internet speed required for CaseWare Cloud?

There is no minimum requirement for the connection speed. All that will change is the rate at which changes are synchronised to the parent file on the Cloud. As always, restricting the use of streaming services on the slower connections will assist in keeping the synchronisations happening in real-time.


  • Network licence firms anticipate working from home. Mass check out commuter licences whilst in office and estimate a check out period. Commuter check out is a means of temporarily checking out licences from the network licence pool, this allows users to work on-site or from home without need of being connected to the office network. We advise you to estimate a longer period rather than shorter, as if the check out period expires the users will need to be connected to the office network again in order to work or check out for longer.

  • Encourage regular check ins and team comms. Keep your team up to date on the tasks you are working on, and delegate effectively between yourselves.

  • Check your home internet speed. If slow, reduce unnecessary usage, or connect by cable directly to your modem.

  • If you are using a different machine from the one you typically use in the office, check that you have a licenced version of working papers and templates installed. Make sure your version matches the rest of your colleagues. 

  • We advise that you download a remote access service such as TeamViewer, so your IT and the support team here at CaseWare, can connect to your machine and assist directly.

Please note: We are currently working on documentation to assist our IDEA customers. Please bookmark this article as it may be updated at a later date.

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