Audit Template 25 Re-Release

Audit Template 25 Re-Release

Late last week we became aware of an issue affecting a subset of engagement files when applying the update to Audit 25 that was released in October last year.
Upon completion of the update on these files, users have reported that documents have been removed from the Document Manager. We have isolated the cause of this to corruption in a script that manages the update settings that are applied to the engagement file.
If you have not yet downloaded and installed the 2023 release, no corrective action is required. Your full update package is being corrected and will be available from the 14th of February. Simply download and install the update at your convenience.
If you have already downloaded and installed the 2023 release, install the template below - there is no need to download the full package again.

Please download the updated version of the template from here. The issue was caused by the Audit template so there is no need to reinstall Caseware Working Papers.
If you would like to take this opportunity to also install the latest release of Working Papers 2023, this is available here, but again, this is not mandatory.

Open each engagement file that you have updated to Audit 25 and click Engagement | History. Scroll to the UPDATE APPLIED event - if there were any deletions, they will be listed there with a similar timestamp to the update.

Select File | Copy Components, and copy in the relevant documents from the backup that was made during the conversion to Working Papers 2023 or the update to Audit 25. This will allow you to select specific documents and insert them back into the live file so that the rest of the file is not disrupted.
More information on Copy Components is available here.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and concern that this will cause. Our Customer Service Team is available if you have any questions about this matter.

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