How do I Carry Forward the Engagement File?

How do I Carry Forward the Engagement File?

The concept of a roll forward still applies to Cloud Financials, however, it is referred to as the carry forward procedure. This entails carrying forward data and responses from your prior year Cloud Financials engagement into your current year engagement.

To carry forward a Cloud Financials engagement from the prior year to the current, complete the following steps:

  1. Tick the checkbox next to the file that is to be carried forward.

    1. Select the ellipsis button ; and 

    2. Select Create next period’s file

  1. Within the ‘Financials’ dialog, update the year displayed in the Name field to the current year and click Save. Note: Best practice is to include the year end of the engagement file as part of the name


  1. A new engagement file is created. Review the workflow dialog and click Save.

  1. Import the current year trial balance (if required map any new accounts).

  1. Navigate to the ‘Documents’ tab and open the ‘Entity and Reporting information’ optimiser document.

  1. The following icons will be displayed against each response item that has been changed by the user in the prior year file and carried forward to the current year file: Carries forward responses from the prior period and signs off the procedure if the same has been signed off in the prior period file (accept the change in selection in the carry forward file) Ignores responses from the prior period (reject the change in selection in the carry forward file)

The carry forward button in the top right hand corner provides the ability to perform a bulk accept or reject on all responses that have changed in the document.

Each response item can either be:

  1. Reviewed individually by clicking the to accept the response or the to reject the response and revert to the default selection; or

  2. Reviewed in bulk by clicking the carry forward button and selecting the to accept, or the to dismiss all carry forward suggestions.

  1. Open the remaining optimiser documents, and repeat step 6 (if required).

  2. Open the Financial statements document.

  1. The Document Map will display the review tool icons highlighting any content amendments. For information about review tools, refer to FAQ: How do I Review What Changes Have Been Made to my Financial Statements?

  1. Navigate to each respective area / note that has a review tools icon displayed next to it and choose one of the following: Carry forward the change from the prior year file. Ignore responses from the prior period (i.e. reject the change in selection and revert to default in the carry forward file).

  1. Alternatively, click on the Carry forward button and perform a bulk carry forward update to all content.

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