How do I update my CaseWare Engagement file?

How do I update my CaseWare Engagement file?

CaseWare ANZ offers yearly updates to: 

- Ensure there is no problem with the functionality of the file, and to

- Keep up with the latest content (accounting standards and disclosures) for both Australia and New Zealand. 


Before being able to update your engagement files, the latest CaseWare Working Papers software and necessary audit and/or Financials IFRS templates must be installed. 

Note: Installing the latest CaseWare Working Paper Software and Template does NOT mean your CaseWare Engagement files are updated. Users would still have to subsequently open the engagement files to update them according to your installed templates.


This guide should be used if you are using the default Financials and/or Audit Systems Template. If your file is published on a Smart Sync server, please refer to the attached guide below.

1. To update your engagement file, click on the update bubble at the top left of the file to begin the process. 

2. If the update bubble is not visible, select the alert symbol at the bottom right of the file, and select Check for Updates.
If you do not see any bubble or alert symbol, your file may be already up to date. 

3. Click Yes on the update dialog.
4. If you are updating an Audit System File, choose the appropriate settings. See 'What is the difference between the Functionality and Content Update?' for assistance. 

Note: There are two distinctive methods to update the Audit System Templates for your engagement file. Knowing each method may be useful for your engagement in terms of knowing what Audit procedure/document will be inserted/updated. Please see 'Audit System document and procedure updates' to view the alternative update process.

5: Select a backup location, and the update will start.

If your file is a combined engagement file of both the Audit and Financials template, the Financials update would automatically update subsequent to the Audit update.
 Important things to remember within the update process as shown above:

- The 'Functionality' update of each CaseWare engagement file must be updated annually.

- The 'Content' update brings in the accounting standards, disclosures and new documents of the latest updates. This is not a mandatory update.

- There are two primary ways to update, insert new changes and audit documents into your engagement file. 

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