What’s New in Xtend

What’s New in Xtend

We are pleased to announce the release of CaseWare Xtend’s May 2021 template update.

This update is key. It is important to ensure you read all the instructions and follow the processes described. Please contact our Customer Service team (+61 3 9660 4688 or support@caseware.com.au) if you need any assistance at all with the information provided in this email.

This major update includes:


  • Directed the ‘help’ link within engagements to Xtend specific knowledge base - making it easier for you to access relevant help articles


  • Product default year has been updated from 2020 to 2021

New features:

  • NEW document roles/ schemes functionality - allows firm authors and end users to customise and add in additional sign-off roles and schemes (a group of roles). See Adding and customising Roles/Schemes for more information.

  • NEW ‘electronic signature’ response type available in queries. See Requesting an electronic signature from a contact for more information.

  • Welcome card for Xtend - can now quickly navigate to important pages such as the ‘What’s New’ FAQ and webinars.


  • Each standard RFI procedure now includes its’ own summary name

  • The RFI document has been replicated and added as a query template - meaning if the original RFI is cancelled by accident, you can add a new copy back in easily. Simply click +Query and it will be available in a back library.

  • Addition of a new Optimiser question linked to our standard deliverables query forms i.e. engagement letter, management representation letter, signed audit report. 

  • Visibility conditions applied to the aforementioned deliverables queries so they show or hide based on response to new optimiser question.


Firm Settings:

To apply the new updates to your firm template, follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the firm template screen and click the Update button 

  2. Click the Publish Template button. 

This will merge the new content into your current firm template.

Note: If you have a current firm template in Draft Mode, select the Publish Template button to publish your current draft, then the Update button to begin a new draft with the updates merged into the existing firm template.

If you have any questions about this update please contact the CaseWare Customer Service team for assistance on (03) 9660 4688 or via support@caseware.com.au.

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