Xtend May 2021 release video

Xtend May 2021 release video

Please refer to the below video for an overview of what's included in the May 2021 Xtend update:

Note: If you DO NOT use a custom firm template, you will not need to action anything. The update will automatically roll out to the default template on Thursday the 27th of May.
If you DO use a custom firm template, you will need to manually apply the update. To do so, open up Settings from the three line menu, and navigate to the Manage Template screen for Xtend ANZ.

Then click on the 'Update' button as illustrated below. Ensure you hit 'Publish template' afterwards to have the updated content available in all new Xtend engagements.

A list of FAQs referenced in the video are below: 
  1. How do I use the new Document Page?
  2. Adding and customising Roles/Schemes
  3. What causes the 'Modified since last review' warning to appear?
  4. Requesting an electronic signature from a contact
If you want to review what was included in the SE 2021-03 update, please refer to: https://support.caseware.com.au/portal/en/kb/articles/what-s-new-in-se-2021-03

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