Cloud Financials Process Map

Cloud Financials Process Map

The Cloud Financials process map attached below provides Caseware Cloud Financials users with an efficient and effective step-by-step approach to generating a set of financial statements.

To go alongside the process map, we have a series of FAQs to provide details on parts of the process map. You can find the master list of them here:

Engagement File Setup:

  1. Optimiser 1: Entity and Reporting Information Overview
  2. How to Prepare Consolidated Financial Statements?
  3. How do I use the Request for Information (RFI) workpapers?
  4. Importing a Trial Balance into Agile Audit
  5. How to Import a Trial Balance and Adjustments from an Agile Audit Engagement into a Cloud Financials Engagement file?
  6. Importing from Caseware Working Papers to Cloud using Cloud Bridge
  7. How to Map the Trial Balance in Agile Audit?
  8. Optimiser 3: Directors' Report Overview
  9. Optimiser 4: Notes to the Financial Statements Overview

Tailoring the Content of the Financial Statements:

  1. How do I Create Adjustment Journal Entries?
  2. How do I Edit or Delete Adjustment Journal Entries?
  3. How Can I Export All of my Adjustment Journal Entries?
  4. Disclosing Movement Numbers (Dimensions)
  5. How do I modify dimension descriptions?
  6. How can I resize/condense my Financial Statements?
  7. How do I apply rounding to the financial statements?
  8. How do I Edit an Existing Text Section?
  9. Managing Note Content within Cloud Financials
  10. How do I Edit a Dynamic Table?
  11. How do I hide dynamic table column headings?
  12. How do I remove the single currency display from table column headings?
  13. How do I Add a Custom Text Section to an Existing Note?
  14. How do I Create a New Custom Note?
  15. How can I embed a PDF document into the cloud financials?
  16. How do I Copy an Existing Dynamic Table to Another Note?
  17. How do I Sort Content Within the Financial Statements?
  18. How do I Print Preview my Financial Statements?
  19. How do I Insert and Delete Page Breaks?
  20. How do I Print a Note in Landscape?
  21. How do I Adjust the Print Settings for my Financial Statements?
  22. Tailoring Printing

Reviewing the Financial Statements:

  1. How do I Review What Changes Have Been Made to my Financial Statements?
  2. How to use the Reconciliation Summary area in Cloud Financials?
  3. Reconciliation checks between Statements and Note tables
  4. How do I Add Issues to the Financial Statements?
  5. How do I Edit or Delete Issues in the Financial Statements?

Finalising the Financial Statements:  

  1. How do I Edit or Delete a Watermark in the Financial Statements?
  2. How do I Download the Financial Statements in PDF Format?
  3. How do I Send a PDF Copy of my Financials for Review via RFI?

File Wrap Up:

  1. How do I export/save a read-only copy of a Cloud engagement file?
  2. How to Lock an Agile Audit Engagement?
  3. How do I Carry Forward the Engagement File?

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